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Saucier Mechanical Services offers industry leading Maintenance Programs. Our commitment to you is to keep your equipment running at its optimum efficiency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our maintenance program includes the inspection, cleaning, testing and seasonal maintenance recommended by industry standards and your equipment’s manufacturer.

HVAC maintenance is imperative to the life of your unit, the unit efficiency and to keep in force the manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, routine maintenance reduces the possibility of breakdowns and system failures.

A regularly scheduled maintenance program dramatically reduces the probability of your system failing during peak time when extreme cold or extreme heat are making the system work hard for extended periods of time. Most air conditioner manufacturers recommend that your equipment be serviced at least annually. If you do not properly maintain and service your equipment, a manufacturers warranties may be voided.

Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Program

Why Should I Choose the Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Program?

For peace of mind, savings and convenience. Our Pre-Scheduled Maintenance Program includes one precision tune-up and professional cleaning per year for your heating and cooling systems. Plus, you will receive a priority service response and considerable savings on any needed repairs.

Why Are Annual Tune-Ups Important?

Records show that four out of five system breakdowns could have been prevented with regularly scheduled maintenance. A tune-up reduces the risk of system break down, keeps your heating and cooling equipment running at peak efficiency, can reduce your energy bills and extends the serviceable life of your equipment investment.

How Can I Save Money?

Our maintenance program not only saves you money on energy costs by maximizing your equipment's performance, it also saves money on all replacement parts and service. Our Preventative Maintenance program customers receive a 15% discount on all services, parts and labor.

What Do You Mean by Priority Service?

Preventative Maintenance Program Customers benefit from priority service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If your heating or air conditioning system fails, we guarantee priority response over those not on a Preventative Maintenance Program.

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