Whether you have a small building, industrial facility or high rise structure, Saucier Mechanical Services is your experienced leader in commercial HVAC sales since 1991.  

We are a one-stop shop for your equipment, duct work, service and maintenance at an affordable price.

We will provide a free, detailed site assessment of your property, room by room and floor by floor to determine your heating needs. All you have to do is answer a few questions and we’ll provide you with a recommendation specific to your building's needs for heating.

Winters in CT demand a heating system that can efficiently meet the needs of the season and keep your employees, students, customers, patients and clients warm and comfortable. We specialize and work closely with many of Connecticut's Healthcare facilities, Schools, businesses and factories.

Saucier Mechanical Services is qualified and prepared to deliver to you the best in price on new commercial HVAC equipment such as Chillers, Air Handling Systems, Stand-a-Lone Units, Large Tonnage Cooling Systems, Ductless Systems and Custom Made Ventilation Systems.  

Additionally, we provide licensed, fully trained and certified expert technicians to manage all of your HVAC needs from installation to repair and provide regular maintenance to keep your personnel warm and happy in the coldest of weather.


with Saucier Mechanical Services, one call does it all!

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