Saucier Mechanical Services Inc.

Service & Maintenance

In choosing service vendors during these turbulent financial times, owners and operators of buildings are particularly concerned with the financial impact of their choices on long term costs.

With high energy costs, it is important to keep your mechanical equipment running at peak efficiency. Routine preventive maintenance can help achieve that goal. Saucier Mechanical’s Preventive Maintenance contracts will not only help keep equipment running as close to new as possible, but will also extend the life of your equipment, reducing the need for capital expenditures.

When service is needed, whether it be heating, air conditioning, commercial refrigeration or your furnace, it is needed immediately. State of the art communications systems direct our technicians in responding and fixing your problem promptly.

Our service technicians are all licensed by the state of Connecticut, having attended qualified schooling and apprenticeships. Since we believe that it is important to stay abreast of technology, we provide our technicians with monthly ongoing training. In addition, when our technicians are at your facility, we believe it important for them to operate in a safe manner. All new employees are given an approved OSHA Safety Training. All employees are updated with bi-weekly supervisor "Toolbox" meetings.

When our technicians walk into your facility, they bring a lot with them!

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